Fabric Slitter

We have the slitter for Polyester Satin, Taffeta and other care label,garment label,clothing label woven fabric and non woven fabric, we have both heating blade and cold blade which can slit all kinds of fabric.

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Polyester Satin Garment Label Clothing Label Woven Fabric Slitter FY1600J

APPLICATIONThis Satin Fabric Slitting Machine FY1600J is suitable to slit and rewind &...
$18,000.00     $20,000.00

Nylon Fabric Oxford Fabric Mask Fabric Non Woven Fabric Slitting Machine FY1600C

APPLICATIONThis is our most popular non woven fabric slitting machine, it is suit...
$9,500.00     $12,000.00