Slitting Machine Process Requirements

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1, The slitting machine to the whole roll or the whole piece of the original data to stop the fixed-length slitting processing, such as plastic packaging data, packaging carton, steel plate, film, leather, wood, etc. Stop slitting processing, to use the fixed-length slitting control. 
2, Fixed-length slitting machine control is divided into static and dynamic slitting two kinds: when the set length reaches the precise stop, then static slitting processing, slitting and restart the operation;When the set length reaches, the cutting signal is sent out without stopping, and the cutting machine performs dynamic cutting in the process of data movement. 
3. The most important performance index of the fixed-length slitting machine is the slitting accuracy and the waste product length has good divergence. 
4, The length of the cutting machine can be set continuously, if the practice of cutting length error, easy to stop calibration by setting parameters.

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