What are the factors that affect the accuracy of the width of the slitting machine?

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The factors that affect the width accuracy of the slitting machine are as follows:

1, in the operation of the cutting machine, if the tool has the problem of lateral swing, then it will lead to the occurrence of a bad scale, such as the tool's lateral swing and tool diameter scale is different and bad.Because the tool's lateral sway cannot be zero.Generally, the lateral sway value of its load is about 0.03-0.05mm.

2, during the production of cutting machine equipment, because the steel plate has the problem of transverse buckling, resulting in a bad width scale.This is because in the transverse warping state of the shear product measurement than with the knife set value should be larger.

3. The width of the cut product is slightly lower than the side dimension of the product with knife.So you need to guess ahead of time how bad it is.Make sure the dimension of distance sleeve when the knife is matched on the side of the product.

4, because with the production operation of the equipment, the distance between the sleeve, cutting tools and other cooperation errors.



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