The Types of Thermal Paper

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How many types of thermal paper do we have?

1, double offset paper: all kinds of silver coated paper produced by ordinary double offset paper are all single-layer, with no coating on paper, and printed silver paper on the top.

2, the use of thermal paper, thermal paper: production of cash register paper, all is a single, paper coated with thermal chemical coating, printing paper by laser thermal head color cashier paper, which is characterized by not printing supplies, no ribbon, ribbon or cartridge; and the surface of the paper is smooth, with a nail there will be a row or a hard object outdated clear print on the paper.

3: the cashier paper, carbonless paper composed of at least two or more layers, wherein the first contact with the needle type printer to print color, but behind the associated by needle type printer color printing pressure.

4, self sensing paper: this kind of silver paper is made up of one or more layers. It is printed by a needle printer to print the color, and the printing paper does not need to install the ribbon. This paper first with the cashier called self paper, behind several combination is ordinary carbonless paper.

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