New Gneration,Latest Technnology Film Foil Slitting Machine

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Faster and Easier Operation, Cost Effective Film Slitter
New Gneration,Latest Technnology Film Foil Slitting Machine
After several years development and test, we launch a new generation slitter rewinder: HN1300/HN1600 New Generation Slitter Rewinder.
The slitter is very smart and more function can help the operator to enjoy the slitting work:
  1. Faster:  max slitting speed 550m/min, normal working speed is 500m/min;
  2. Unloading Turret: make the finished roll unloading quicker and easy;
  3. Unloading Function: connecting with the Unloading Turret, the unloading push frame makes the push work easliy;
  4. Back and Front Control: both side control is quicker and easy;
What's more, the price is very reasonable, if you have interest, please kindly contact us:
E-mail: [email protected] Whatsapp: 008613506813068 Wechat:cnliangll

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