Slitter Rewinders for big diameter rolls slitting

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HN1600-F is one of our standard slitter rewinder, it is specially designed for big diameter rolls, like paper, film,lamination, fexible lamination and so on.

We just finished a test for our European customer for the slitter HN1600-F, here you can check the the test video.

HN1600-F Slitter Rewinder is known by the converting industry for its quality and reliability.  We have equipment from the 2010 still in use today.

The HN1600-F Slitter Rewinder is aimed at larger converting companies needing multiple slitting of medium diameter rolls. The max speec can be 600m/min, it can slit with both razor and circle blade for many kinds of material.

HAVESINO continues to build on that reputation, combining the latest technology with our many years of experience.

Our attention to detail and customer satisfaction is paramount for every machine.


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