How to adjust the tension of slitting machine?

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The magnetic powder brake of the sitter mainly provides balanced and stable torque, which can be adjusted by the tension controller to improve the efficiency, quality and the whole operation of the sitter.

Slitting machine tension control is basically manual tension control, automatic tension control.So do you know how to adjust the tension of the sprocket correctly?

1. Automatic tension control is determined directly by the tension sensor of strip tension value, then the tension data into a signal feedback back tension controller, through the signal and the tension controller pre-set value contrast, calculate the control signal, the actual tension values with the preset tension values are equal, in order to achieve the purpose of stable tension.

2. Manual tension control means that in the process of winding or unwinding, when the coil diameter changes to a certain stage, the operator adjusts the manual power supply device to achieve the purpose of tension control.



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