Cost Effective Thermal Paper Printing and Slitting Machine

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Very Good Price 1 Color or 2 Color Thermal Paper Printing and Slitting Machine

CP-S1100CC and CP-S1100CCC are our 2 models for 1-2 color thermal paper flexo printing and slitting machine, they are our new models.

These 2 models slitters are with very good price, they are more suitable for the customers who are very requirement for the printing function but not so care on the packing line.

These 2 models have no Auto Core Loading System, No Auto Cross Cutting,Glue Spraying, No Hammer Unit and Packing line, but have 1 color or 2 color printing function.

It helps customer to save the cost of buying the indepedent printer and worker.

With very good price, we believe they can help a lot to our customers.

More details please kindly ask our sales managers. Tks.

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