Rotary Label Die Cutting and Slitting Machine LR350SD

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Havesino Import & Export Co., Ltd. Unveils Cutting-Edge Rotary Label Die Cutting and Slitting Machine LR350SD.


Havesino Import & Export Co., Ltd., a global leader in innovative machinery solutions, is excited to introduce its latest technological masterpiece: the LR350 Labeling Machine.

The Rotary Label Die Cutting and Slitting Machine LR350SD marks a revolution in the labeling industry, offering unmatched precision and efficiency. This high-performance machine is meticulously designed to meet the most demanding labeling needs. With advanced features like automatic label application, customizable options, and user-friendly interfaces, it sets new standards for accuracy and productivity.


Key Features:

Automatic Label Application: The Rotary Label Die Cutting and Slitting Machine LR350SD's automatic label application ensures seamless and precise labeling, reducing errors and enhancing efficiency.

Customizable Options: Tailored to accommodate various label sizes and materials, this machine provides flexibility to meet diverse production requirements.

User-Friendly Interface: Its intuitive controls make setup and operation a breeze, reducing the need for extensive training.


Quality Assurance: Havesino's commitment to excellence is reflected in the LR350's design, built to meet and exceed industry standards.


The Rotary Label Die Cutting and Slitting Machine LR350SD aligns perfectly with Havesino's mission to deliver cutting-edge solutions and empower businesses worldwide. For those seeking top-tier labeling solutions, the LR350SD is set to become the preferred choice.

Contact Havesino today to explore how the LR350SD can revolutionize your labeling processes and elevate your production to new heights.

Precision, Efficiency, and Innovation - Experience the Havesino Advantage.

Here is the working video of our LR350SD:

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